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Port 25 blocking, firewalls, ISPs who won't let you send from your favourite mail ID, SMTP relay issues, unfriendly connections in airports and hotels ... we've seen it all.

We are happy to share the solutions we have found. More often than not, LoaPost is the best thing to do...but sometimes little tricks help.

Read all about it in the free whitepaper: "Email to go: Solving e-mail mobility problems".

"[LoaPost] works really well for sending email. I had problems . . . with my ISP blocking my SMTP port . . . ." —Shawn

"Tried everything and nothing worked. Then tried [LoaPost] and it did " —Catherine

"It delivers every time.... Worth every cent." —Okon

"Downloading that simple little app was definitely the best advice anyone could've given so thanks a lot." —YoungMacUserInNeed

"Thank you! I've been looking for this solution for a year...." —LHB

"Don't know if you need a solution that's as complete as this, but it sure works for me." —rkkw

Loa's blog is filled with great information for anybody who is mobile and wants to work online. Can't send work email from home? On the road and having email trouble? Read about it all here.

LoaPost is a small piece of utility software that puts a "mail-send" server on your own computer, iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

LoaPost gives you web-based email, without the inconvenience of using webmail.

You reconfigure your email client so it sends email through that local server, solving SMTP send mail problems. That server then communicates with our Loa mail servers, is authenticated, and is able to connect to the internet.

We prevent spam by volume-limiting the number of emails sent. And, like a cell-phone company, we bill by volume in a set of plans that offer more than enough room for almost any user.

With LoaPost, you can:

Because you need email that works where you do...

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